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    July 2010

    Happy summer everyone!

    I'm SO happy about this post! A long time ago I was really lucky that Bronwen Fallens asked me to work on the illustrations for a beautiful children book that she wrote about alternative families. She was thinking about a series of books about this subjet and she wanted to start with a story called "My super single mum". The story was so wonderful and sweet, like she is, that I said YES right away. After spending a while trying to sell it to different editorials, we decided that we should self-publish it and sell it ourselves. And here we are, presenting our first book together, "My super single mum", that you can check on the new section of this site that I opened especially for the occasion. Also, you can read more about the project, and about us and even buy the book in our brand new website Bronny and Muntsa.

    Also, for the lucky ones in Australia Bronny'll soon be presenting the book in the "Family Life Home & Cafe" in Prahran. Stay tuned on the events section of the site

    Hope you enjoy the book as much as we do!

    ***Thanks so much Bronny for taking me on this adventure, and for your incredible creativity and tireless energy!Love to you and Alexis!!****

    January 2010

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Hope this year brings you everything you wish for.

    *** Make it happen!***

    June 2009

    I've recently developed a thing for daffodils. Here's a new illustration to prove it.

    May 2009

    Happy spring everyone!

    I'm very happy to add to my portfolio a new work as a colorist for Marvel Comics. I teamed up again with the super talented artist (and again the cutest in the bussiness) Marcos Martin on a 14 page story for Captain America #50 .You can take the opportunity to check Marcos' beautiful art on this Captain America story called Sentinel of Liberty on the Book Section.

    Also I have new book cover for Destino that you can check in the Book section.

    The Bilioteca Ignasi Iglesias- Can Fabra, a great Public Library in Barcelona specialized in Comic Books, gave me the opportunity to exhibit some of my illustrations in a Micro-exhibit that took place from April 1st to May 15th. You can see the poster I did especially for the occasion on the Unpublished Section of the Portfolio. **Thanks everybody at Can Fabra! ****

    Also, I would like to recommend two new blogs from two wonderful friends. Please visit ManMakeHome and let Guy Merrill's exquisite taste guide you through the most beautiful objects, illustrations, the best architects and just amazing discoveries in art and design in general.

    And please visit Lluis Salles blog and be enlighted by his knowledge on the Graphic Design world. He is a Graphic Designer himself specialized in Branding and he is also a Teacher so you'll love his inside view of the bussiness and his pedagogical perspective.


    November 2008


    **From the beginning I wanted this website to keep growing and growing and add sections that could give a wider prespective of my work. So I decided to add a Painting section with a number of paintings I've been doing through the past years. They are basically portraits and still lives that are also a bit like short stories about people that I'd love to meet...! They are all acrylic and collage on paper. I used chinese papers I bought years ago in Chinatown as collage to add texture and to help create a more evocative atmosphere. As an illustrator it has always been my interest to represent the uniqueness in everyone, to portray non stereotypical situations where people try to follow their own particular dreams, people who don't belong and don't intend to. Hope you'll like it**

    September 2008

    Hope everyone had a great summer!

    I'm really happy to show more work in the book section. You'll find two illustrations I did a few months ago for the cover of two different books for young readers, published by Destino.*Gràcies Maria!

    Also, I had the pleasure to work with Clare Grogan in her upcoming book "Tallulah and the Teenstars", soon to be published by Black and White Publishing, in Edinburgh.It's an incredibly cool and fun book and I had the chance to work on the cover and also in more than twenty inside illustrations. I'd like to thank everyone at Black and White for giving me the opportunity to work in the book and make everything so easy. And I especially want to thank Clare for choosing me for her project and for being so supportive and enthusiastic! *Thanks Alison! And thanks Clare, I just hope my illustrations did your story justice!;-)

    Also, new work for AR in the lifestyle section.

    And for those interested in illustration, please, visit IllustrationMundo. It's an amazing website, run by the talented Nate Williams. It's an illustrators community and it offers the opportunity to approach lots of talented illustrators around the world and also other professionals related to the illustration world, like designers, agents,etc. Please go and enjoy!

    ***Have fun!***

      March 2008

      So, a whole year since my last updating...that's pretty embarassing!

      The good news are that I have a lot of new work to show!;)

      You can check all the new illustrations for Clara and Ragazza magazines in the lifestyle section of the portfolio and for AR magazine in the fashion section of the portfolio.

      I also have new work for the advertising section where you can check the illustrations for the Tampax leaflet I did last summer. *Muchas gracias a Alejandro Hernán de Vitruvio Leo Burnett por la oportunidad!

      I'm also incredibly excited about the new work for the book section. I've had the honor of being part of the upcoming book: "Bringing Home the Birkin, My life in hot pursuit of the most coveted handbag" by Michel Tonello and published by Harper Collins. I illustrated the cover and I also did the inside illustrations so I can't thank enough to everyone at Harper Collins for the opportunity, and specially to Michael Tonello who chose me for the project. It is a wonderful and incredibly fun book so if you want to know more about it you can check the author's website, and for those people fortunate enough to live in New Yor City, Michael will be presenting the book in Barnes and Noble on April 23rd. *Thanks again to Cassie Jones at Harper Collins for the opportunity **Thanks Michael for letting me be part of your wonderful book and for the pleasure of workig with you!!

      Enjoy spring everyone!

      24 December 2006

      Happy holidays Everyone!

      I know it's been ages since my last updating, but I have a pretty good excuse: the birth of my son Nil !He was born this 4th of July and since then everything it's been incredibly exciting...and a lot of work! But all worth it, of course! ******

      So I finally found the time to upload some new images! They're basically illustrations for the monthly short stories for Clara. If you also want to read the actual stories, and see the exact context of the illustrations, you can do it at this site and click on the Relato corto section.

      And for those of you interested in Fashion in general who would also appreciate some advice on what to wear this winter,the musts of the season and the big no-nos, please visit your brand new online stylist Bronny. They're featuring some of my illustrations and it's also a lot of fun to read!! *Thanks Bronny and Good luck!!!

      I also added a couple of Christmas illustrations for the sake of the Season, so Enjoy!

      *Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a bright New Year!*

      I have a bunch of new images in the Portfolio. You can find three new illustrations in the Unpublished section, plus new work for Clara and AR in the Fashion section and Lifestyle section. Hope you like them!

      I want to remind you that the new stuff is always added in the first place of every section....just in case you got lost some time!

      Plus, I wanted to recommend you another link. For those interesed in comic book, please visit my friend Kano's website. He also works for advertising so I'm sure you'll find it very interesting! *Hola Kano!Hola Ona!

      *Enjoy the spring!*

      6 February 2006

      Hello Everyone!

      I'm especially happy with this month's updatings, because they are very special and quite unusual projects!

      First you can check, in the Fashion section, the new work for Ragazza. This time, they asked four different artists to custumize four different denim clothes. I shared the honour with Jordi Labanda, Daniel Burgos and Ion Fiz. You'll see that I added some more detailed pictures of my proposal so you can fully appreciate it. *thanks to the people from Ragazza, it was a lot of fun!!

      And the other fun project was the comicbook anthology "I heart Marvel: my mutant heart". I teamed up with my boyfriend Marcos Martin, also the artist, in the coloring of Peter Milligan's eight page story "How love works", published by Marvel Comics.

      Hope you enjoy it!

      * Bye bye!

      8 January 2006

      Happy New Year Everyone!

      So, back to normal with the updatings! You'll find new stuff for Ragazza and Cherry Magazine plus some images I did for a magazine, that finally didn't come out, in the unpublished section. Sigh!

      I also wanted to say that, to keep true to the spirit of the Internet, you can use my images as long as you add a link to my page. So if you want to use one of my images along with the link, please, just let me know! *Thanks!

      For those interested in movie and comic-book scripts, plese go to David Muñoz blog. He's behind the script of Guillermo del Toro's "El espinazo del diablo" (Devil's Backbone), amongst other movie, tv and comic-book scripts. It's in Spanish and you can browse through all his projects! *Hola David!Hola Lola!

      It's going to be a beautiful'll see!

      * Love and see you soon...!

      25 december 2005

      **Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

      And wishing you a great and beautiful New Year!!***

      15 november 2005

      Hello everybody!

      Two major facts contributed to completely renew my energy! First, a week-break to beautiful New York, touching base with all the talented friends we have there. And second, a Rufus Wainwright concert. I cannot emphasize enough how cool and inspiring he is. Seriously...!

      So here are some news. You can find new work for Clara and AR Magazine in the Portfolio section. And also a couple of new unpublished images.

      Also, please, keep checking Lost at E Minor, for inspiring info about music, illustration, name it! Zolton was kind enough to feature some of my work in the 37th issue, with some really nice words *Thanks....again!

      And now I would like to introduce you to some of my talented friends:

      For daring and exciting images please visit Marcos Chin's
      website *cool illustrator and also the sweetest guy!

      For those who are not familiar with the comicbook world, here are some tips for you:

      Paul Pope. Rock and Roll, superenergetic style. As cool as it gets. Stay tuned for his new project at DC Comics, "Batman Year 100" that will be out in February *miss you!

      Javier Rodriguez. Comicbook artist, illustrator and colorist, he just started a new blog, with all sorts of images of his great work, and also very interesting tips about his creative process *¡un besote!

      Marcos Martín. He doesn't have a website, yet, but you can find the last issue of his comicbook series, Breach, coming out from DC Comics, that's out in stores now. Check his talent, too, in Batgirl Year One, also colored by Javier Rodriguez.

      He's an amazing artist and also the cutest in the bussiness *what can I say....he's my boyfriend!

      Till next time!

      25 September 2005

      I would like to start this section by welcoming everybody to my site and by thanking you all for your visits!

      I would like to use this section to keep you posted about my latest work and to give you some addresses to sites I love, so you keep surfing and keeping the flow...!

      You'll find selected new work for Woman, Clara and Cherry Magazine in the Portfolio section. And don't forget to check Lost at E Minor, the coolest cultural newsletter. They featured some of my work in their issues 28/25/23 and 18. *thank you Zolton!

      Also,for those interested in the latest in art and illustration please visit:

      For those who still don't know the best in the bussiness, please visit my friend Yuko *we miss you!

      And for those who want to check the coolest and cutest jewelry, visit Joanna's website: *good luck Joanna!

      And last but not least, I'd like to thank my friend Jose who put this website together!! *Gracias!

      Happy Autumn everybody!